MES Consulting

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Our MES service offers a wide range of digital solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. We leverage the latest technology to optimize your production processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Our team of experienced consultants will work with you to implement a tailored solution that improves your manufacturing operations and maintains compliance with the latest regulations.

Expert MES Consulting

With our vast expertise in MES recipe design, we are the go-to team for the seamless roll out of global and local MES programs. Our specialized knowledge and experience in this field enable us to create customized solutions that optimize efficiency and productivity in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Biotech Process Expertise

Our team is committed to providing top-quality services in Biotech API, Formulation, Fill & Finish, Visual inspection, Packaging, Solid dose, and Aseptic processes. Explore our site to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals in the biotech sector. We specialize in providing comprehensive services for the biotech industry, ensuring high quality and efficiency at every step of the manufacturing process.

Optimizing Operations

With our deep understanding of automation systems and MES, we help our valued customers to improve efficiency and productivity with successful project delivery.

Multilingual Support

Our multilingual team of seasoned architects communicate effectively with customers in their native languages, providing personalized solutions for their manufacturing needs. They boast an average of over 7+ years of hands-on experience in MES design and implementation, trust us to help your business reach its full potential.



Full Integration Assembly and Packaging Lines
Project Details
Upgraded Paper on Glass Assembly and Packaging lines to a fully integrated PAS-X digital system for one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. This transition streamlined process workflows and communication with automation equipment
Our Solutions
  • Level-2-Integration Support
  • Recipe / MBR Design
  • CSV / Validation of built recipes
  • Optimization of process workflow
  • System Configuration and Parametrization
  • Go-Live Support & Hypercare
  • Facilitating workshops as an intermediary between
Value Added
  • Successful PAS-X deployment within project deadlines
  • Seamless integration of PAS-X and Level-2-systems
  • 100% Electronic Batch Record
Validation for an MES PAS-X System Upgrade
Project Details
Full validation for an MES PAS-X system upgrade, including new customization features and bug fixes offered to one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Validation support provided in the quality environment and effectively implemented in the productive environment.
Our Services
  • Project timelines definition and coordination of project activities until project GO-live
  • Evaluation of MES PAS-X upgrade system changes and validation scope definition
  • Validation approach definition along with the Customer’s in-house team
  • Full CSV documentation creation and/or review (Validation plan, Risk assesment, IQ/OQ/PQ test protocols, Traceability Matrix, Validation report…)
  • OQ dry-run and formal execution in QA environment using Micro Focus ALM software
  • MES PAS-X Bug detection and formal documentation (defect/deviation and CAPA task creation)
  • Facilitating coordination between different departments (IT, QA, MBR designers, etc.) to ensure seamless communication of challenges, needs and requirements
Value Added
  • Successful MES PAS-X system upgrade validation and implementation in the productive environment within project timelines
  • Validation of new features and bug fixes critical to production
  • Fast response and adaptation to OQ testing scope increased requested by the customer, while maintaining project timelines
Paper On Glass Design and Process Mapping
Project Details
Implemented Guided Execution (Paper on Glass) on Manual Wash and Utensils Autoclave for one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Trained local PAS-X team on PAS-X Recipe Designing and Process Mapping.
Our Services
  • Project Management
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Process Mapping
  • ESP Design
  • PAS-X Training
  • Strategy Building
  • Facilitating PAS-X workshops
  • Facilitating Level 2 (PLC, SCADA) Integration workshops
  • Demonstrating PAS-X to the end-users
Value Added
  • End-users gained confidence in the use of PAS-X
  • Operators and local management had a clear understanding of PAS-X



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