Serialization Solutions

With a wealth of experience in serialization since its beginning, we proudly offer tailored services that seamlessly integrate into your supply chain. From regulatory compliance to enhanced track and trace capabilities, trust us to deliver precision and excellence in serialization and traceability.

TraceLink TTS is a Level 4 serialization (L4) system crafted to meet regulatory requirements for serialization, track and trace, and country compliance. This facilitates product serialization and commercialization throughout the global supply chain.


We have a well-trained and experienced team with over 5 years of expertise in the implementation of serialization systems, particularly TraceLink, across various markets such as the EU, USA, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Our team excels in integration at level 3, B2B connections, and interfacing with internal ERP systems. In our track record, we have successfully completed more than 30 projects and executed over 100 integrations. This extensive experience enables us to tailor the implementation of TraceLink systems to meet the specific requirements of each client and the regulatory demands of each country.


We have a team of experts ready to validate any TraceLink solution in line with the requirements, configurations, and validation policies of each client and market. The validation strategy adheres to the V-model, with TraceLink managing Installation Qualification (IQ) and System Functional Testing/Operational Qualification (OQ). Furthermore, our responsibility includes overseeing the System Test, covering Configuration Verification, Integration Testing (qualification of interfaces), and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

PharmaX University

We are equipped with the Trainual software and offer customized training programs for users tailored to meet the specific requirements of organizations. Our training team comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals adept at imparting the necessary competencies to new users for the seamless execution of their tasks within the system.

Operational support and continuous maintenance.

At our operational center, we diligently provide support for daily operations by promptly resolving any incidents and attending to various requests. Moreover, we assume the responsibility of onboarding new products, partners, or markets. Concurrently, we effectively manage alarms across diverse markets. Additionally, we consistently undertake the validation of newly developed releases in TraceLink, meticulously evaluating their impact and and taking actions if necessary.



Customer-based Service Level Agreement (MAH/CMO Pharma)
Project Details
Meticulously crafted to guarantee optimal performance and reliability, backed by robust infrastructure and expert support teams. Prioritizing prompt response times, ensuring minimal downtime for clients. Continuously monitor and refine our SLA to adapt to evolving technological landscapes and client needs, ensuring sustained excellence in service delivery.
Our Services
  • Monitoring of EU Hub Alarms and Alerts
  • Evaluation and Assessment of each Patch and RoadMap Release
  • Onboardings, new partners/products, troubleshooting and good practices
  • Dedicated support team available 24/7
  • Short resolution time, with different level of severities and defined escalations
  • Prompt response times to any issue or inquiry
  • Defined SLA escalations Scada Engineer
Value Added
  • Customized solutions to align perfectly with client’s business objectives
  • Weekly meetings to address the status of the current incidences
  • Personalized Consulting: Technical assistance, upgrades or customization
  • 100% effectiveness in solving the issues
  • Knowledge of all martkets regulation



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